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All programs can be done separately or in Leadership Academy format, which has the greatest impact on the participants and the organization. Classes are often done in 3 or 6 hour increments and are all customizable to meet your organization's unique culture and needs. 

Leadership and Supervisory Skills

Bringing The Sizzle; How to be a Dynamic And Creative Trainer

Building Bridges; Communication Strategies To Build Better Partnerships

Building Commitment and Cohesiveness Through Engagement 

Coaching Skills To Take Your Team To The Next Level

Establishing Trust in Your Leadership Role

Foundational Building Blocks; Management and Leadership Skills for First Time Supervisors 

How To Connect With Anyone Using Emotional Intelligence 

Knock It Out Of The Park; Exceptional Presentation Skills For Today's Professional

Maintaining A Positive Attitude When The Going Gets Tough

Making Your Mark; Keys to Effectively Supervising People

Managing Challenging People and Situations Under Pressure

Motivation and Goal Setting Strategies To Kick-Start Any Team

Stake Your Claim; Women in Leadership

Stepping Up To Leadership; Building Your Skills Beyond Basic Supervision 

Valuing Diversity; Leading Effectively Across Cultures and Generations




Customer. Client, and Guest Service

Beyond Legendary Service

Customer Service Excellence; Doing It Better Than Anyone Else

Customer Service That WOWS!

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service in the Public Sector 

Handling Difficult & Demanding Customers: A Communications Course To Get Through Any Situation

How To Strengthen Interdepartmental Relationships;  Internal Customer Service With Impact

Knock Your Socks off Service

Professional Phone Service Skills

Real World Customer Service Skills

Sales and Service Excellence

You Want What? Knowing Your Millennial Customer


Guest Services For Gaming (Level 1)

First Class Service for Gaming (Level 2)

Mastering The Guest Service Environment (Level 3)

Asian Culture In Casino Guest Services




Are you ready to take your team to a higher level of success?

Jennifer Curtet uses over 25 years of experience in executive and front-line leadership to take organizations to new levels of effectiveness. Having the honor to have worked with a Fortune 30 finance organization for a decade and the consulting assignments to coach and train with America's highest performing companies has given Jennifer an incredible opportunity to teach, inspire, mentor, and collaborate with some of the greatest minds in business, today. 


Are you ready to create high-functioning leaders?

As a Relationship Expert and Certified Coach, she is able to hone in quickly on the dynamics which affect a team. Whether the group is challenged with communication, respect, cohesiveness, engagement, motivation, service, or attitude, Jennifer brings her knowledge and inspiration to the table in order to confront the issues that are holding the team back. Understanding the working priciples and psychological tendancies behind working styles, communication preferences, and generations, allows Jennifer to go much deeper into the inner-workings of dysfunction within the team. As a Consultant, Coach, and Trainer, Jennifer teaches leaders to diagnose the issues of disruption on their team, and to use their skills to attack the root of the challenge, in order to fully resolve the issues. 


Are you ready to get your team functioning on a higher energy level?

Jennifer's style is inspirational and accessible, but her focus is laser sharp and incredibly certain. With a background in the finance industry, she understands the important balance of efficiency and expediency, maintaining a quick pace within her consulting and training processes.  For Jennifer, the goal of training and consulting is always about creating effectiveness as quickly as possible, but she also knows that we are all most receptive when we're having a good time... so expect a lot of fun with that fast pace!




To see Jennifer in action, click here:  https://vimeo.com/213173625