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There is nothing like the perfect Keynote or Breakout Session to make an event unforgettable. If you're looking for passion, humor, energy, inspiration, and cutting-edge information, Jennifer Curtet can deliver.  

Every time.  


Maximize Your Personal Brand; 

Understand The Power of Being An Influencer In Your Workplace


Everyone wants to be an influencer. An influencer is an individual who has the power to affect decisions of others because of their authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with their peers. We often think of personal branding as being a necessity for those associated with an online presence or digital business. However, in today’s rapidly changing and ever-evolving business world, the footprint you leave online, and also in the hallways, boardroom, and email threads, is not only important but can have a career-altering impact on your trajectory. A strong personal brand can open the door to new business and career opportunities, which also allows you to build a strong network of influential allies.


In this fast paced and energetic keynote participants will understand the power of maximizing their brand so that they can increase their influence and be seen as a thought leader who is indispensable to their leadership. 


As a result of this keynote presentation you will be able to:


  • Increase your reach to influence more people and create a larger impact. 
  • Create quality engagement and relationships in order to build a strong reputation of trust with peers and leadership 
  • Understand how to use relevancy to bring forth progressive and fresh ideas to the organization 
  • Understand and use mutual interests to build ideas that will have a personal and lasting appeal to those who will help carry out the vision 


By strategically incorporating these simple yet highly effective ideas into your professional development, you are bound to find your influence growing more rapidly and steadily, while gaining the respect of top leadership in your organization.





Unapologetically SHE


You have probably heard the quote “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”  Successful women understand the truth in this phrase, fully. We are who we are because of those brave and resilient women who came before us and dared to rock the boat. In this inspiring and empowering keynote, Jennifer will share the secrets to tapping into that reservoir of strength and drive.  She will take you to the height of inspiration while also encouraging you to settle into the vibration of your purpose.


While women worldwide are closing the gap in critical areas such as health and education, significant gender inequality persists in the workforce and in politics. Given current rates of change, reports in 2018 estimate it will be another 217 years before we achieve gender parity. This is absolutely astonishing! If you are managing a team, climbing the corporate ladder, running your own business, finishing your education, stepping up to lead in your community, or raising your family, this keynote is for you.  It will help you tap into that fire within, so that you can leave a lasting and meaningful mark in the workplace, marketplace, and community.  When women are better represented in leadership roles, more women are hired across the board.



As a result of the keynote presentation you will be able to:


  • Understand the inate, feminine power of SHE that the world is ready- and, asking- for
  • Find your Bravery when your confidence has been shaken, by trusting your purpose
  • Tap into the resources that fuel your Resilience—we may not be 100% all the time, but the fuel is always available
  • Know that Optimism will carry you through adversities and sometimes we just need to shift our perspective
  • Use your Generosity to pave the way for the girls who follow— they need you, as much as you needed your tribe



(Women’s Empowerment)




Rolling Out The Red Carpet Service To Your Customers:

Tricks Of The Trade, Straight From A Celebrity Wrangler


Welcome to The Age Of The Customer… and, The Age Of The Celebrity!  As silly as it may sound, today’s customers want to be treated like stars.  They want to be treated as if they are “someone”—the phrase “Do you know who I am?” comes to mind.  Today’s customers want to be given more than the average person, and they expect you to go waaaay above and beyond “just for them”. Does any of this sound familiar?  It should, because customers today are demanding more than they ever have before.


Now, more than ever, we need to be OBSESSED with our “special guests”.


Over the last decade, I have been given the unique opportunity as a Television Host to interview celebrities, which is not as easy as you may think.  They can be grouchy, arrogant, bored, fussy, confused, and controlling… not all that different than some of our customers!  During this fun and fast-paced keynote, I will give the tips and tricks that I've learned to make even the grumpiest customer feel like the most important person in the world. 


Get ready, because I’m about to give you the dish on some of your favorites!


As a result of this keynote you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of Service in The Age Of The Customer AND Celebrity
  • Identify your customer’s expectations in their “celebrity rider”
  • Pin-point your customer’s Pain Points and how to talk them off the ledge
  • Side-step the sure-fire mistakes and keep your valuable name out of the press
  • See the value of utilizing Behavioral Psychology to control your starlets and turn them into customers for life



(Customer Service)



The Future IS Female;

Understanding Your Athena Spirit


If you're like many women in business, today, you have most likely watched the double-standard of women in leadership roles play out around you.  "Don't be emotional", "Tone it down", and warnings of "The Mommy Track" are a very real thing for women, today.  As of 2019, women only hold 5% of CEO positions in the Fortune 500.  FIVE PERCENT.  And, yet, women hold more college degrees and are naturally better communicators and connectors, due to their instinctual emotional intelligence. The good news is, current research is showing that innate feminine qualities and behaviors are most attractive for those in leadership positions. Which means that what women have, and who they naturally are, is more influential than the stagnant and archaeic model that we have been following for years.


As a result of this powerful and inspiring keynote you will be able to:

  • Identify the traits, behaviors, and characteristics of ideal leaders in todays business world
  • Maximize your emotional intelligence to build stronger relationships and gain greater influence
  • Understand the rules of engagement when dealing with old school politics and The Good 'Ol Boy Network
  • Trailblazing, glass ceiling breaking, and rule busting; Embracing your role for our future female leaders


As female leaders climb the corporate ladder, they often find themselves among a few women in upper-management positions. Crafting, understanding and using your natural, innate female charcteristics effectively provides an opportunity for you to not only strategically plan your ascension in your career development, but also gain support of other female leaders, and bring new female leaders up the ranks with you. 


    (Women's Empowerment)


*All keynotes can be customized, created and done in workshop format



See Jennifer in action, here:  https://vimeo.com/213173625