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I'm one of the lucky ones who gets to do what I love for a living and that's not something I take lightly. I understand how rare that is and it's why I'm all about helping leaders fully realize and step into their innate strength and talent, so that they can find that gift. I believe we all need to figure out what makes us soar so that we can live fully and passionately, and be driven toward a place of fulfillment in our businesses, families, and communities.  


With over 30 years of experience as a Professional Speaker and Trainer, I understand how important the standing ovations and rave reviews are, for all of us who are partnering to put on a memorable event. I've spoken to audiences of tens of thousands, and been a speaker for the largest corporations in the world, so partnering with organizations, event planners, and bureaus is something I have great respect for and treat very delicately. If you’re looking for high energy, a razor-sharp wit, lots of fun, and cutting-edge information, I'll deliver, for you, every time. 

That's a promise. 





To see Jennifer's rave reviews, click here or see the Video tab in the Menu Bar:  https://vimeo.com/213382535




Jennifer's book is "a must read for every woman who wants to know how to create more success and satisfaction in her life"

Jack Canfield, Creator "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

"Jennifer's got star written all over her... she's going to be the next big thing!"

Les Brown, Motivational Speaker, Author and TV Host

" WOW! Is Jen ever amazing! She's a must for any organization that seeks a true professional who will take the time to learn your business to insure exceptional results."

Tiffany Packman , HR Director Sit N Sleep

"The enthusiasm and energy Jen brought to the event was AWESOME! She was everything we needed, wanted and more. I was very impressed by her sense of humor and versatility.  She was absolutely phenomenal."

Zandra Foster, Emory University

“Jennifer is the most dynamic, engaging speaker, ever. Her energy fires up an audience like no one else can. She's funny, knowledgeable and passionate about helping people reach their potential. She is. quite literally, THE BEST!.”

Pam Royle, PDR Resources

"Jennifer was, by far, the very best Speaker we have ever had. I have never seen a group of people so captivated and all paying such close attention to a speaker before. Jen was magical!"


J. Phillips, Salvation Army

“Our company was in need of strong Customer Service training for many employees.  Jennifer came in, worked hard and delivered a remarkable session that achieved all of our goals and then some. She is personable, ethical and understands serving a client. Her energy is infectious and she is a complete professional.”

Eric Blackwell, Sit n Sleep

“Jen is always at the top of her vocation, a great partner to work with and just a joy to be around. I recommend Jennifer to any of my clients and just wish I could clone her and have about five more to work with! There is no limit to what she can do!” 

Adam Elliott, Senior Training Consultant, NSG

“Jennifer is a charismatic, articulate and compelling speaker. She knows what drives and motivates people. This gift allows her to speak to the heart of the individuals in her audience, making each person feel personally touched by her message. I highly recommend Jennifer if getting the most out of your team is important to you.”

Brendan Scherr, Inn Network

“Jennifer is a subject matter expert in communication, management and customer service she presents programs that are participant-centered, practical and engaging. She consistently receives high-marks from seminar attendees with the general consensus being, "Bring Jennifer back!"

Valerie Francis, Rockhurst University

"Jennifer was simply fabulous!  Let's give Jen her own talk show!"

Rachel Shaw, Capitol One

"The Presenter was world class-- more on the order of Stephen Covey"

Jim Armstrong, City of Gunnison, CO

"Jennifer is a true modern day hero.  She's a woman of wisdom and power who brings change everywhere she goes. She succeeds is helping people identify and activate their potential and live their best life.  She is a true world-shaker and history-maker."

Rex Crain, Pastor, Author and Life Coach